• Chicago Land Rover LR3 Review

    2009_land_rover_lr3After years of model upgrades, the Chicago Land Rover LR3 appears to have struck a chord with the consumer. Readily welcoming aggressive off-road dirt onto its frame, the Chicago LR3 is just as comfortable dressing up for a night on the town. Handling much better on paved roads and in daily driving than the previous-generation, the new Chicago LR3 sacrifices nothing in off-road capability – always eager to tackle trails, mountain roads, and freeways.

    The driver seat rests high above what would be found in the average car, insulating the driver from outside distractions and movement. Improvements in steering provide firm and responsive handling while gripping the off-roader’s thick steering wheel. The Chicago Land Rover LR3 can be utilized as an effective tow vehicle for a heavy boat,  full-size camper, or just about anything else that keeps the outdoors life comfortable.

    It is worth noting that braking is extraordinary, both in expressions of overall feel and sheer stopping force. The pedal is innovative, with no vibration slipping in to affect the drive, and it always feels like there is more stopping power should it be required. The brakes themselves are large 13.3-inch discs in front and 13.8-inch discs at the rear, with four-channel ABS. In addition, the anti-lock brake system is designed to work off road.

    Working to enhance driver control off-road in rugged terrains are two brake-based systems, all-terrain Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and Hill Descent Control (HDC), used to restrict downhill speeds on steep, slippery grades, and is adjustable through the steering wheel cruise-control buttons; both working exceptionally well.

    In the past, off-road driving schools have had to dedicate significant time explaining which lever to push in which direction to respond to life’s various surfaces and obstacles. The Chicago Land Rover LR3 eliminates this step with its inventive Terrain Response System. Switch the console-mounted dial to the icon for Grass/Gravel/Snow, Mud/Ruts, Sand, or Rock/Crawl, and the vehicle automatically adjusts as appropriate. In the adjustable suspension’s Off Road mode, ground clearance raises from the normal 7.3 inches to 9.5 inches. Engineering details, such as a larger oil sump to cope with acute angles of operation, demonstrate the scope the Land Rover LR3 Chicago is prepared for the unpaved world.

    Test drive one at a Land Rover dealer in Chicago, and you’ll find the LR3 offers responsive off-road capability with on-road luxury. It may be the complete vehicle for those who need a comfortable daily driver that desire to go anywhere any four-wheel vehicle might go.

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