• Chicago Land Rover News- Fire and Ice Defender Limited Editions

    fireandice1The Land Rover Defender is one of the toughest, most hardcore trucks out on the road. With only the bare essentials to make it through even the roughest terrains, it is one of the most capable off-roaders in existence. So what happens when you try to tame such a wild child and make the most rugged model out there into a luxury vehicle? The Fire and Ice Defenders are what happen, limited edition Luxury vehicles that Land Rover has announced for sale overseas.

    With these two new models, regardless of the abundance of luxury, the Defender has proven that it cannot be made soft. The Fire and Ice models will keep in tact the rugged dependability of Defender models while offering a new and more upscale feel, complete with the many luxuries that we have come to expect from our 4WD Rovers. According local Chicago Land Rover dealers, the build will be based off of the 1948 model, with some modern day updates. The Fire will be released in Vesuvius Orange, the Ice in Alaska White, both with Santorini Black roofs and trim.

    There will only be 850 of these bad-to-the-bone new models, and so far they will only be released in Europe, China and South Africa. However, Chicago Land Rover dealers have their fingers crossed that a few make it across the pond. With all new leather and Alcantara suede interiors, the Fire and Ice will be as classy as any Land Rover has ever been and will also boast lots of exciting new features. Recaro bucket seats, a glass sunroof, and alloy wheels will all help the Defender keep its hard-core reputation while giving it a little extra comfort and panache.

    Land Rover chose to stick with a very vintage design for the Fire and Ice models, a real fun aspect to the models that combines with their rugged ability and luscious interior to make one of the most unique vehicles in the world.

    Driving a Land Rover Defender out in the mountains, motoring adventurers should find the Fire and Ice Land Rovers to be the pinnacle of pampering on their scamper to the summit. With the same grit and power the Defender is known for, combined with added new luxury indicative of top-of-the-line Rovers, the Fire and Ice limited edition Defenders will wind through the wilderness like with grace and amenity. When i lived in tx my rover was damaged in server weather, i have to hire a water damage restoration company in spring tx to take care of my home that got flooded, but i couldnt however recover the rover that was flooded.

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