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    When I was getting a new roof at my place of business, the owner of the arlington tx roof repair company was really into rang rover, we talked about all models. This article discusses what we talked about.

    Over the past 60 years, Land Rover has been developing and changing their great vehicles.  Let’s take a look at how new and used Range Rover models have changed over the years.

    In 1947, the idea of a Land Rover vehicle was born.  It was just after the war and the technical director for Rover Vehicles, Maurice Wilkes, caught wind that people were interested in a military type 4 X 4.  So, in 1948 the very first Land Rover went on display at the Amsterdam Motor Show.  It was made of aluminum and the body paint was left over from a fighter plane factory.  It also had a lightweight chassis and four wheel drive.  In fact, a used Range Rover model from 2007 that I recently came across still had the 4 wheel drive.  I guess they got something right early on!

    Ten years later in 1958, a new model came out.  It was easier to drive, but still a durable auto.  A new 2.25 L petrol engine was a part of the model.  This is the model that made Land Rover a worldwide brand.  Orders came in from all over the world for this Series II auto.  In fact, the orders were from 70 different countries.

    Through the 1960’s and 1970’s the models sold were building on the last.  In 1967, the transmission was updated, as well as new carburetors installed.  In 1970, Land Rover released a great model that had off road capability, awesome towing capacity, and hydraulic disc brakes on all wheels.

    In 1981, the first 4 door SUV was released and was well received.  In fact, it was so well taken by customers, that in 1984, the UK discontinued the two-door model.   Then, in 1986, the front end grille was updated and fog lights became a part of the body.

    In the 1990’s some Limited Edition Models came to your local dealership.  For example, The Great Divide Edition was sold in 1990 and 1991.  Only 400 were manufactured and they were painted Alpine White, with the interior a Sorrell light brown leather.

    Today, the models sold are very luxurious.  They have beautiful interiors, powerful engines, and plenty of passenger and cargo space.  Keep a Range Rover in mind if you’re looking for something new!

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