• Land Rover LR3 handles like a pro

    land-roverThe first time I saw the Land Rover LR3, I remember thinking how good-looking, classic even, the car was. So when my friend purchased his LR3, I was floored when I learned how he treated it.  Off-roading and riding it around in the dirt did not seem to be the right way to drive such a pristene looking SUV. So I went to my local Chicago Land Rover dealership to check out this vehicle for myself. And once I got behind the wheel, the urge to drive trails rather than roads hit me too. I suddenly felt the need to be somewhere in the mountains driving around and seeing all this luxury 4-wheel-drive could really do.

    I’m not sure if it was the Jaguar-inspired 300-horsepower engine, or Land Rover’s exclusively engineered Terrain Response system, but something about the vehicle’s spirit really made me wish I was one of those rough-and-tumble drivers out on the open land. However, once I was able to finally snap back into reality (and bring the LR3 with me), I realized that it fit in really well on the roads. It was a smooth drive, and handled more effortlessly than I assumed it would, given its size.  And its sleek look makes this the perfect ride for climbing rocks by day and dining downtown by night.

    The more I drove it, the more I realized how functional for everyday use this Rover seemed to be. With optional third-row seating, there is plenty of room in back to tow friends around, and a nine speaker Harman/Kardon stereo to keep them all entertained. And, as my Chicago Land Rover dealer explained to me, this sporty auto boasts all of the safety features one would expect, whether they are driving around with their friends or if they are heading out to the wilderness for a bout of mountain camping. There was also a lake, so i check on some of the best inflatable stand up paddle board reviews, to see if it would fit in the back, or if its inflatable, will fit on the roof.

    Later that week, I convinced my friend to take me off-roading in his LR3. And while this truck was everything I hoped it would be on urban pavement, it was everything I ever dreamed for and more out in nature. Like my Chicago Land Rover dealer (and my friend) had promised, it handled like a pro and really took control of the road, and the terrain where roads don’t go.

    So, to all of you Land Rover LR3 owners, or would-be owners, I leave you with this thought. Take care of your cars. Be kind to them and treat them nicely. They will appreciate it. But while the LR3 is a drive worthy of pulling up to the red carpet, don’t forget that it has an adventuresome side.

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