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    LRXSo now that there is all of this news buzzing around about the Chicago Land Rover LRX, we thought we would try to help you keep all of the facts straight from all of the rumors.

    The LRX will not be released until 2011, and by the time it hits showrooms it may not even be called the LRX anymore. This 2-door sporty crossover is based heavily off of the Land Rover LR2, so if you’re already a fan of this 4-door, the LRX could be right up your alley. It will have a sleek, stylish look with a modern twist that’s sure to turn some heads on the open road.

    The new Chicago Land Rover is expected to come equipped with the same engine on the LR2-  a V6, 3.2 liter AWD with a Terrain Response System (TRS) (because no matter how pretty this one is going to be, let’s face it:  it’s still going to be as tough as all Land Rovers before it). And while this engine will come standard, there have been talks about a hybrid following the release. This would come with a diesel or electric powertrain. Though not many details have been released on the hybrid model, it would be a great addition to the lineup for those buyers looking for something a little more economical.

    The inside of Chicago Land Rover LRX will be just as great as the rest of it. Equipped with features such as dual touch screen displays, removable and power adjustable speakers, and electronic instrumentation, the LRX will be sure to draw your attention from the outside, but you won’t want to leave the interior.

    If you just can’t wait to get behind the wheel of one of these, they are expected to be in final production and ready for test drives by late 2010, so be prepared. Talk to your local Chicago Land Rover dealer to find out more about release dates, and we’ll continue to be here to keep you updated and sifting through the rumors that this highly anticipated LRX has already caused.

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