• Range Rover LRX is cleared for production

    LRXAutomakers that hope to continue doing business over the next few years need to be increasingly aware of their fuel consumption, emissions and environmental credibility. In respect to these realities, Auto Express in the U.K. is reporting that Land Rover is moving forward with plans to launch the new LRX compact hybrid ‘ute, with potentially a bit of help from the U.K. government.

    Locally, Chicago Land Rover dealership personnel are excited about the fact that Land Rover is moving forward to make sure its future lineup is as green as the badge on their 4WDs. Last year Land Rover hinted at the Detroit Auto Show the possibility of a new small vehicle with the LRX Concept, which ended up winning the Concept Truck of the Year award and sent every auto journalist into frenzy, under what has developed as its Range Rover sub-brand.

    The British government is reported to be so enamored with the idea that they’re ready to throw £27 million ($44,422,507.41 dollars) at Land Rover to develop the automobile, merely scratching the surface of the estimated £400 million ($658,111,220.80 dollars) development cost. (Hey this isnt an arlington small appliance repair)

    Land Rover hopes to develop this new product soon. In what has been dubbed by Land Rover as the brand’s “smallest, lightest, and most efficient Range Rover” ever built, the LRX-themed model may potentially end up integrating a gasoline-electric hybrid power train (if not the 2.0 liter turbo diesel hybrid found in the concept).

    What has been confirmed is that the LRX concept will incorporate an Electric Rear Axle Drive (ERAD) hybrid drive train with regenerative braking capabilities; in essence a smart drive train that takes measures, by putting electric power to the front, altering left-right torque bias, and even detaching itself from the driveshaft, in an effort to maximize traction and efficiency.

    Often times for Chicago Land Rover buyers, the more technology included into the automobile, the better. With this in mind, the ERAD has been mated to Land Rover’s acclaimed Terrain Response system, putting power on the ground as often as possible, offering Hill Descent Control and an integrated Eco mode for city cruising. If the entire setup, in this situation the ERAD and the rest, can be bundled in a manner so as not to obstruct storage space, it could sell well enough to assist Land Rover reach its goal cutting fuel consumption and emissions by 20%.

    Besides its start/stop system, which drivers may currently find on certain Freelander/LR2s, Land Rover will borrow generously from corporate partner Jaguar’s hardware stable, which has been said to be developing their own extended-range and hybrid vehicles. In the meantime, the British-built automaker is set to debut stop/start and regenerative braking on all of its models, in hopes of improving their environmental performance. .

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